Free Trial Edit

For a limited time, we will edit 500 words (2 manuscript pages) as a sample of our services, completely free. If you’re happy with the sample editing job we’ve done, we’ll draw up an agreement which includes the price per hour, estimated length of the project, and editing service you’ve requested.

Personalized Service

Arrow is a boutique editing service, tailored to your specific needs.

We prefer to have a discussion over the phone or via a chat service like Google Hangouts before getting started, to make sure the editor you’ll be working with understands exactly what kind of help you’re looking for.

Editing Service Levels

  1. Editing spelling and grammar errors.

  2. Restructuring content for clarity and flow: cutting out redundancy, suggesting changes in word choice, marking clear errors in content.

  3. Suggesting story or character improvements and assisting with research.


Level 2 includes the services in level 1.

Level 3 includes the services provided in levels 2 and 1.


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